Hwacheon’s specially developed suite of machining software monitors the different variables related to your shop floor and machining environment, making adjustments to deliver the best quality results and optimized work efficiency. By continually monitoring and calibrating your machine tool, they help to improve worker productivity, improve machine longevity, reduces error, and allow greater custom control.


Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System

Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System (HSDC+HFDC)
HTDC includes the Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System and the Frame Displacement Control System.


Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System

When the spindle rotates at high speed, the centrifugal force drives the taper to expand, causing errors in the Z axis. HSDC constantly monitors the temperature at each spindle region and makes optimal predictions for any possible thermal displacement. The system then makes necessary adjustments and effectively minimizes thermal displacement.


Hwacheon Frame Displacement Control System

HFDC compensates the error according to the temperature automatically. The high sensitivity temperature sensors are installed at integral elements to capture and display real-time data while processing.


Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System

The HRCC II (Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System) is used to calibrate and optimize the rotation center of 5-axis machining center. By optimizing the rotation center, then managing and loading the relevant data, you can minimize the possibility of errors during 5 axis machining. Additionally, HRCC II compensates and manages the axis error (axial tilt) of the rotary axis. Meaning improved accuracy of 5-axis machining


Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System

The Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System automatically measures and sets the reference point of pivot in a 5-axis machine within less than one minute to lower the work piece set up time and increase the machining quality. The system also creates and manages a database of the reference points for different temperatures and times to limit the deviation of the rotation center.


Hwacheon Real-time Geometric Compensation System

HRGC calibrates the feed orthogonality of machine tools in real time, which changes due to temperature variations and thermal impact of machining. Orthogonal variation is most prominent in Y-Z direction for horizontal machining centers, and calibrating it minimizes the orthogonal error caused by changes in the machining position.


Hwacheon Efficient Contour Control System

HECC offers an easy-to-use programming interface for different workpieces and different processing modes. The system provides a precise, custom contour control for the selected work piece, while prolonging the life of the machine and decreasing the process time. The customizable display provides real time monitoring and quick access.
– The program offers different options for different cutting speeds and accuracy for roughness and shapes
– The customizable display provides real-time monitoring and quick, easy access.
– The program is excutable on an existing NC DATA system and works with the Cycle Code.


Hwacheon Tool Load Detect

HTLD constantly monitors the tool wear to prevent accidents and collisions that may result from worn or broken tools. It also helps to prevent the work piece from being damaged or scrapped.


Cutting Feed Optimization System

Prevent damage to the tool in real time by automatically controlling the feed rate to maintain a constant cutting force during the machining process typically results in reduced cycle times.


Lathe Hwacheon Tool Load Detect System

It monitors the load factors of spindle and each axis during lathe (turnmill) machining and provides tool life management (STD), optimized process and able to quickly respond to wear and tear of tools.


Real-time Operating Status Monitoring Solution

Real time operational status monitoring of each machine by connecting machines in a factory to a network. Operation status recording and check. Detect and alert alarm status during machine operation. Analysis of daily , monthly and yearly operation rates. Monitoring with PC or smart phones, any time and any where. 


Workpiece Clamp of Chuck

To improve and simplify the chuck clamp/ unclamp proximity switch adjustments according to the material diameter, the analog sensor (0-10V) is used to set the distance of the open and close zones from the operating screen for enhanced user convenience.
(However, it is necessary to discuss with the factory in advance whether it is possible to mount the analog sensor.)


Lathe Calculator Functions

Enter values required for machining directly from the display operator panel for an easy calculation without a calculator.


Work/Tool Counter Management

Monitor the daily/ total production quantity and tool usages.



List M-codes and G-codes used in the machine on the screen for quick and easy use and operation.
– It is necessary to discuss in advance to add and/ to change the user required function codes (M-code)
– Machining Center can only use M-CODE.


HMI (Human Machine Interface) for SMART Uax

H-SMART is a HMI (Human Machine Interface) of smart machine Uax for graphite machining. H-SMART automatically carries out the entire machining process (analysis of machining condition, generation of optimized machining data, automatic workpiece and tool setting, machining program) at optimum condition with only 4 button presses.

H-LINC (Linked Interactively with NC)

Process monitoring and scheduling software for PC

Enables editing of the process program or change sequence without stopping the process. Displays the estimated finishing time of the process program (end time estimation)